Datazen Joins Microsoft

It is my pleasure to share that Datazen Software has been acquired by Microsoft. Our entire product team is thrilled to join Microsoft and help empower millions of people through mobile data analytics. [More]
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Datazen 3.0 Data Paradigm

The first thing you will notice when you try Datazen 3.0 is that it is very fast. KPIs and dashboards load nearly instantaneously on workstations, tablets and phones. The second thing you’ll notice is that it somehow always works, regardless of whether you are connected, disconnected or between connections. [More]
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Datazen Product Philosophy

We frequently talk at length about specific features or product aspects, but I thought it would be good to take a moment to provide some background on the overall philosophy and approach. [More]
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Implementing Row-Level Security For SSAS Data Views

Datazen Enterprise Server 2.6 supports row-level security for SQL Server Analysis Services data views in a Windows domain environment via the EffectiveUserName connection string property. What this means is that you can configure an Analysis Services data connection in Datazen such that each data view will be personalized for all users that have access to it. [More]
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Configuring Personalized Data Views

All data views, with the exception of Excel documents, can be personalized based on the user accessing it. The user context is passed using various methods depending on what is appropriate for the view type. Datazen supports personalized data views for both real-time and cached views. [More]
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Common Pitfalls in Dashboard Design

I ran across an excellent whitepaper recently. It was published a few years ago, but since it has nothing to do with technology, its content is very relevant. In an article titled Common Pitfalls in Dashboard Design, Stephen Few outlines 13 points to be mindful of when designing dashboards. [More]
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