How to implement Drill-through functionality in Datazen

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On Datazen all Gauges and Datagrids and most of Charts can be configured to perform drill-through action to another dashboard or custom URL and based on the dashboards/URL different parameters can be passed to target dashboard or custom URL.

In this post I’m going to set drill-though functionality using two existing Datazen dashboards.

For configuring this feature I should first create both source and target dashboards and here I have created two dashboards to visualize sales metric for a store; an overview dashboard that clicking on the gauge in the dashboard transfers user to a details dashboard which lists transactions for the specific department and selected time range.

I use an Excel datasheet structured as below for creating following dashboards using Datazen Windows 8 publisher application:

And followings are two the dashboards called “Sales Overview” and “Sales Details”:

Our goal is to be able to click on the gauge on Sales Overview dashboard above and load details dashboard for selected Department and selected time range as below:

Now that both dashboards are created and related data exists for both dashboards I open Sales Overview (source) dashboard in edit mode and select Avg. Sales vs. Target gauge in Layout View:

In Visual Property there exists a feature called Drill-through Target. By clicking on that you can choose type of Drill-though and here I have selected Dashboard…

The next window is displaying a list of all existing dashboards and I selected Sales Details. As soon as you select a dashboard a list of accepting parameters in target dashboard will be displayed and you can link existing source dashboard parameters to target parameters:

When you set all passing context and apply two dashboards will link. For previewing the drill-through functionality you should save the dashboard and run it from home page and that cannot be performed in Run Preview while in edit mode.

An important note that for setting Drill-though functionality for published dashboards the published version of target dashboard should be selected during dashboard selection on source dashboard.

Also you can set more advanced drill-through features like passing default value from source dashboard to target and passing context to a Load on demand parameterized query on target dashboard when working with Datazen Enterprise.

For more details on using parameterized queries and Load on Demand feature you can check Filip’s post here.

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