Microsoft Acquires Datazen

April 14, 2015 – We are delighted to announce that Microsoft has completed the acquisition of Datazen Software. This acquisition enables Datazen to reach many new users and accelerates Microsoft's strategy to help every company create a data culture and ensure insights reach every individual in every organization.

Datazen 3.0 is Here – Bringing Offline Capabilities to All Mobile Platforms

November 11, 2014 – We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Datazen 3.0, a groundbreaking mobile data analytics software release bringing feature parity and offline capabilities to all platforms.

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New Data Paradigm

Datazen 3.0 introduces a new data paradigm featuring seamless sync with live data sources and the ability to work with up to 100,000 records locally on any device: workstation, tablet or phone. This method produces immediate response times, ensures that the latest data is ready on the device when needed and delivers the ability to switch to offline mode at any time. Learn more about our new data paradigm.

Expanded Visualizations & Dashboard Runtime

The new release features numerous enhancements of the core data visualization stack, including: a brand-new Waterfall Chart control, expanded visualization options for TreeMap, Funnel, and Get Started with Datazen 3.0 Today chart controls, new "ring" visualization style of the Half-Donut Gauge control, and enhanced automatic handling of axis in all X-Y charts.

The core dashboard runtime also introduces new value formatting options for all controls, new ways to show aggregated data in datagrid controls and multi-select options for Selection List & Scorecard Grid navigator controls.

Enhanced Publisher Capabilities

In addition to the existing Mater and Phone dashboard layouts, Datazen Publisher 3.0 introduces a dedicated Tablet layout designed specifically to target tablet portrait form-factors. Combined with Datazen's trademark scaling technology, the latest combination of layouts guarantees flawless dashboard rendering on all device types, form-factors and orientations.

Datazen Publisher 3.0 also features a vastly expanded set of built-in dashboard styles. The provided gallery of styles has been carefully designed to match the most common real-life branding scenarios, so that dashboard authors can get the look that matches the desired brand with a simple selection from the style dropdown.

Datazen Server Additions and Enhancements

Datazen Server 3.0 introduces significant new features, including: support for ADFS authentication, granular scheduling of data updates, system performance metrics, support for Redis cache provider, and expanded administration capabilities through multiple hub owner accounts.

Announcing the Datazen Partner Program

May 9, 2014 – We are excited to kick-off our Certified Partner Program and unite Datazen's technology with some of the world's leading service organizations. Datazen revolutionizes mobile Business Intelligence by delivering a truly unique technology enabling rapid deployment of powerful BI content while guaranteeing a premium user experience on any device and any form factor. Our certified partners are uniquely qualified to utilize and deploy Datazen's technology and provide successful integration with our customers' environments.

We are pleased to count the following companies among our launch partners:

Interested in Becoming a Partner?

Be a part of the Datazen ecosystem and take advantage of this great opportunity in the mobile BI space. Differentiate your organization, deliver value, and ensure that your customers get a true rapid deployment multi-platform BI solution that gives them the flexibility and power to make great decisions wherever they are. If your organization has an established BI practice with a strong track record of successful deployments, we would love to talk with you. Contact us today!

Datazen Publisher App is Live in the Windows Store

May 1, 2014 – We are pleased to announce that Datazen Publisher is available for immediate download from the Windows Store. This release enables Datazen customers to target deployment user groups as either content consumers – through the original Datazen app – or content creators/publishers. In addition, this brings viewer apps for all mobile platforms into perfect functional alignment. All Datazen apps – including Datazen Publisher – are still free, you can download them today from their respective mobile stores.

Datazen Publisher App

Datazen Viewer Apps

Connect to a Datazen Server and access published dashboards and KPIs.

Datazen Viewer for iOS

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Datazen Viewer for Android

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Datazen Viewer for Windows 8

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Datazen Viewer for Windows Phone

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Introducing New Datazen Gallery and Online Product Documentation

April 30, 2014 – Welcome to the newly expanded website! The new docs section contains complete product documentation in easily accessible HTML form, as well as in downloadable PDF format optimized for printing. The product gallery section has been completely revamped to provide comprehensive coverage of the entire product stack: all mobile viewer apps, publisher app and Datazen Server UI. We hope that you will enjoy using the new website.

Online Product Documentation


ComponentArt is Now Datazen Software

April 29, 2014 – After over a decade of operating as ComponentArt, it is with mixed emotions that we announce the next chapter in our company's evolution. In order to reflect our focus on enterprise mobile BI and data analytics, we are excited to announce that we have formally changed our company name to Datazen Software Inc. While we are sad to retire our beloved ComponentArt brand – which has gained acclaim in the software developer community – we are thrilled by the explosive growth and recognition Datazen has enjoyed since its release in February of 2013.

In legal terms Datazen Software Inc. is the same corporation as ComponentArt Inc., registered in Ontario, Canada. We have the same corporate business number, mailing address, shareholders, board of directors and employees. All existing contracts with ComponentArt Inc. are still valid.

We will continue to support ComponentArt developer tools and the website will remain operational. If you need any further information regarding the legal name change please feel free to contact us:

  • 511 King Street West, Suite 400
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • M5V 1K4
  • North America: 1.866.392.1175
  • Worldwide: 1.416.622.2923
  • Fax: 1.416.620.1225


Datazen 2.0 Is Here – Bringing Major Product Additions and Improvements

November 22, 2013 – We are pleased to announce that the latest major iteration of ComponentArt's Datazen mobile BI product is available in all major mobile app stores. Datazen 2.0 introduces the following additions to the core product feature set:

Completely Revamped Mobile Clients

Datazen 2.0 delivers native experiences to Windows 8, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Each mobile client is built using the native UI paradigms of the target platform and feels entirely natural to the user on their device of choice.

KPI Repository

Datazen KPI repository enables rapid publishing of key metrics in a way that guarantees premium native user experiences on all device and screen form-factors.

KPI values and trends are based on queries from live data sources and are displayed on the Datazen main screen for quick user access.

Each KPI can be associated with one or more Datazen dashboards, enabling the user to drill-down and perform in-depth analysis for the selected metric.

Extensive Drill-Downs and Drill-Throughs

Datazen 2.0 includes the ability to link (drill-through) from a dashboard to another Datazen dashboard, or to a custom URL. In each case parameters are passed to the target dashboard or URL.

The dashboard creator is able to set the filtering & time slicing criteria of the target dashboard as well as set the parameter values of any parameterized data views that the target dashboard may be using. Similarly, parameters can be passed to a custom URL via the query string. This enables integration with other reporting systems (such as Microsoft SSRS).

Drill-throughs can be initiated from simple Datazen controls (like gauges) or more complex controls (like XY Charts or Data Grids). When a drill-through is initiated from a complex control, selected item details (chart point or a data grid row) will be available in the list of parameters that can be sent to the target dashboard/URL.

Support for Very Large Data Sets

Datazen features the ability to work with very large data sets by only loading the data required to display the current dashboard view and reloading data from the server based on user interactions. This is accomplished through parameterized server data views. When creating a server-based data view, the user has the option to define a collection of parameters that can be passed to the data command (query) that produces the data view.

Dashboard navigators (like Time Navigator or Selection List) can be configured to execute a server query with the appropriate command based on user action. This loads a new dataset from the server instead of performing client-side filtering.

Support for Custom Maps

Datazen ships with a collection of 70 maps, covering all major world countries and regions. In addition, the product supports the ability to create and manage a repository of custom maps.

Custom maps are defined using the standard ESRI shapefile format for maps. Custom maps (consisting of .shp and .dbf files) can be managed through the Map Repository section of the Datazen Server Control Panel.

Team Collaboration

Each Datazen KPI and dashboard includes a dedicated activity stream. This stream consists of important events such as KPI/dashboard creation and updates, as well as user comments for the given KPI/dashboard. Comments are ordered chronologically and contain context information, such as the value of the KPI at the moment when the comment was made.

Activity streams for all KPIs and dashboards in a BI hub form the combined activity stream for the entire hub.

Custom Branding

When it comes to custom branding, Datazen 2.0 goes well beyond simple logo placement. All aspects of the app chrome are customized. The result is a fully-branded experience that looks and feels like custom mobile apps were created for your BI deployment.

Brand packages can be applied on a per-server basis or on a per-BI hub basis. Therefore a single Datazen Enterprise Server deployment can contain many different brand definitions. Brand packages are managed through the Datazen Server Control Panel and are fully integrated with the Datazen Designer.


ComponentArt Releases Datazen – A New Self-service Mobile BI Product for Windows 8

February 26, 2013 – ComponentArt is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Datazen for Windows 8 – the easiest way to create mobile BI dashboards from Excel, cloud and enterprise data sources. The product features a touch-based dashboard designer, complete dashboard publishing system, secure server communication for data updates and client-side data caching for offline access.

Datazen Client App
  • Run any Datazen dashboard
  • Create dashboards from local Excel data
  • Share dashboards via email
Datazen Enterprise Server
  • Connect to enterprise data sources
  • Publish dashboards securely within your IT environment
  • Deliver live data updates to your users
  • Integrate with Active Directory for user authentication
  • Integrate your corporate branding

Product Editions and Pricing Details

Datazen Windows 8 app is offered free of charge. Datazen Enterprise Server is licensed based on the number of users. Existing ComponentArt customers are eligible for discounts on Datazen Enterprise Server. Please contact us for details.