Datazen Windows 8 app enables dashboard creation and publishing based on Excel, cloud and enterprise data sources. After publishing to a Datazen Server, dashboards and KPIs are accessible on any device via its native app, or through any major browser.

Datazen Server Feature Highlights

  • Connect to enterprise data sources
  • Integrate with Active Directory for user authentication
  • Publish dashboards securely within your IT environment
  • Deliver live data updates to mobile devices
  • Personalize data queries for each user
  • Integrate corporate branding

Datazen Server Feature Details

Datazen Deployment Overview

  • Datazen Server is installed within the IT environment
  • Windows Server, IIS and .NET are the prerequisites
  • Datazen Server is integrated with the existing security infrastructure and connected to all relevant data sources
  • Dashboards are published using the Datazen Publisher app
  • Content is accessed via the mobile clients and web browsers which connect to Datazen Server securely and don't need direct access to the rest of the IT environment
Datazen Client Feature Highlights Windows 8 App Windows Phone App iOS App Android App Browser App
Connect to Datazen Server securely
Access published dashboards and KPIs
Collaborate with team members in your BI hub
Manage multiple Datazen Server connections
Store KPI summary data on the device for offline access
Store dashboard data on the device for offline access
Create and publish dashboards